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  • 04/22/07--16:12: TV: Dexter - Episodes 5-11
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  • 06/04/07--00:00: a freaky troll...
  • A troll,, seems to have added a bunch of hp comms to their f-list.... What's the proper procedure?  Should I let the comms know?  and what **report** are they talking about???

    Posts include:

    Where are you all coming from? What slimy nexus is spawning all these fandom fanatics and Christ haters?.....

    Now I'm really going to bed and praying for you all......

    This will stop. I will see to it.  .....
    I'm calling an emergency meeting tomorrow so we can pour over the volume of material I just printed out.  This place is corrupted beyond repair.  This really needs to become a platform of my political party, and fast.  The things people are getting away with here are mindblowing.....


    Excuse me? Draco-sucks-c**k? Isn't this a ten year old boy in this series? I think I got about five reports already on this one alone. It's going to be a long night.....

    Kingdoms_eye is a group of five individuals working to better the internet by uncovering predators and reporting them to the proper authorities. We watch and report violators who participate in the following:

    *Pro-pedophile apologetics and support circles
    *Pornography without proper age-verifying measures in place
    *Incest, whether fictional or real
    *Rape, fictional or real
    *Hate Speech against Christians
    *Speech that incites Terrorism and anti-American sentiment
    Important Reading
    Livejournal's TOS
    The Chalcedon Foundation
    Warriors for Innocence

    They are a member of:

    Member of:15: diagonalley, do_me_profsnape, electronicmusic, fanforumers, fantazy_icons, girlslash, harry_and_ron, harry_potter, harrydraco, hp_costuming, hp_icons, hpotterchars, prof_snape, ru_harrypotter, whydoesljcensor
    People 5: harkalark, kingdoms_eye, nebris, qassandra, twistedchick
    Communities 27: basiliskcafe, censoredcontent, dark_christian, diagonalley, do_me_profsnape, dracosuckscock, electronicmusic, fanforumers, fanmix, fantazy_icons, girlslash, harry_and_ron, harry_potter, harrydraco, harryhermione, hp_costuming, hp_fanclub, hp_icons, hpart, hpotterchars, lj_maintenance, lj_spotlight, news, pornish_pixies, prof_snape, ru_harrypotter, whydoesljcensor

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  • 06/21/07--11:12: coolness
  • What is i’m

    i’m is a new initiative from Windows Live Messenger™. Every time you start a conversation using i’m, Microsoft shares a portion of the program's advertising revenue with some of the world's most effective organizations dedicated to social causes. We've set no cap on the amount we'll donate to each organization. The sky's the limit.

    So any time you have an i’m™ conversation using Windows Live Messenger, you help address the issues you feel most passionate about, including poverty, child protection, disease, environmental degradation and animal protection. It's simple. All you have to do is join and start an instant messaging conversation. We'll handle the donation.
    There's no charge, so join now and put our money where your mouth is.

    We're facing more than one challenge, so we're working with more than one cause. Choose the organization working on the issue you think is most urgent and they'll get a donation every time you start an i’m conversation. Learn more.

    To start making a difference, place the text code corresponding to the cause of your choice into your Display Name.

    Personal Expressions

    Click on the icon to download the i’m Initiative display pictures and background for Windows Live™ Messenger. The display pictures and background can be viewed by everyone you're having an IM conversation with.

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    I just refound an awesome fic that I've been looking for forever!  It's a House, MD/Joan of Arcadia crossover.  I first read it before I'd ever seen House, so I didn't have a full appreciation of it then... but now! 

    For anyone (probably most people) who never saw Joan of Arcadia, it was a show that - surprise- had a girl that had conversations with God... and it teetered a bit on the 'is she crazy or really seeing him' line.  Anyway, God was always appearing as a different person, so anyone she met could be God...

    Hallowed Be Thy Greg by Suzvoy
    Funny fic - House is his normal self and Joan thinks he's God...

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    SiCKO download here.

    You will probably need vlc (free at to play it.

    Sicko is a documentary film by director Michael Moore, released in the United States and Canada on June 29, 2007.[1] It investigates the United States health care system with a focus on for-profit health insurance and the pharmaceutical industry. The film contrasts the U.S. system with the Canadiansingle-payer system and other universal health care systems, including those in France, the United Kingdom and Cuba. Although the film received mostly positive reviews, critical reviews denounced it for not discussing the drawbacks of universal health care in these countries.

    For more on this, see the wikipedia article.

    Remember to support the creators/artistic talent and buy the dvd!

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  • 09/05/07--10:40: Article 4
  • A little funniness occurred yesterday.

    A package was at my door when I arrived home.  This wasn't too unusual - I'd been ordering some stuff from ebay - but  it did have a liquidy feel to it.  I thought it might be some lampe berger oil I'd ordered, but it seemed too soon for it to have already arrived.

    So I carefully opened the box, and what's the first thing I see?  A letter  of 'belief' from a 'Christian soldier'.  Now this brought to mind the whole Christian soldier thing that happened on lj, and the resulting impact on fandom.  It also reminded me that in a fundamental Christian perspective... I'm probably not a good little Catholic... being that I'm basically Agnostic and all.  Also with a little of wiccan/witch and other thrown in. 

    So I'm feeling a little apprehensive - what if a Christian crusader had targeted me??  - but I open the rest of the package... and yes, it was the lampe berger oil!

    It was all just a little paranoia from the current paranoid culture of war and fear :(

    But kinda amusing/ironic in retrospect. 

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    This Toronto Star article amused (and saddened!) me: White Christmas? Dream on: Torontonians probably won't be walking in a winter wonderland come Dec. 25

    White Christmas? Dream on

    Torontonians probably won't be walking in a winter wonderland come Dec. 25
    Dec 13, 2007 04:30 AM
    Carola Vyhnak
    Staff reporter
    'Sno joke: We're going to have a white Christmas. If we all pack up and move to Yellowknife, that is.
    In Toronto, the odds we'll get a perfect day – with snow in the air and on the ground, as Environment Canada says – aren't much better than a snowball's chance in hell.

    If we're prepared to settle for merely a white one, with at least 10 cm underfoot, chances are less than 50 per cent, says senior climatologist David Phillips.

    More chilling news to blame on climate change.

    "Winters aren't what they used to be. They've warmed up. Now we're more likely to get the liquid stuff than the solid stuff," Phillips says, adding not only is there less chance of walking in a winter wonderland on Dec. 25, but the depth to which you'll sink is half what it used to be.

    Mother Nature's fickle ways dampened holiday spirits in memorable fashion back in 1979. A five-day downpour left Santa and his "raindeer" sloshing through nearly 100 mm of water on city streets. There was so much flooding, the jolly old elf had to trade in his black boots for hip waders.

    It was the opposite scene in 1872 when Torontonians' dream of a white Christmas turned into a nightmare of bone-chilling proportions. Icy, gale-force winds blasted 58 cm of snow into massive drifts in what became the city's greatest two-day snowfall on record.

    If that doesn't make you green with envy, cast your eyes north or east. For the past 30 years, Yellowknife, Thunder Bay, Iqaluit and Quebec City have been blessed with piles of snow for the holidays.

    It's all about location, according to meteorologist Geoff Coulson. North of Highway 7, predictions of a white Christmas are much rosier, thanks to colder temperatures and the lake effect. But in downtown Toronto, it's a toss-up between rain and snow, Coulson explains.

    Since the first storm of the season last month, you'd think the odds of wintry weather when we want it would be better. But you'd be wrong.

    "It's definitely looking better than last year" when Dec. 25 was dry, green and 2C, Coulson offers. But temperatures for the next 12 days are expected to hover around zero, a little milder than normal. And that could make all the difference between white and wet.

    For Phillips, it's about nostalgia. "A nice fresh snow cover is as much a part of Christmas as tinsel and toys," he says. Even those who hate snow the rest of the year warm up to the sight "on that magical day."
    So if snow falls, "embrace it," Phillips advises. It's melting fast.

    Canada really does like snow! For Christmas, at least. "If that doesn't make you green with envy, cast your eyes north or east. For the past 30 years, Yellowknife, Thunder Bay, Iqaluit and Quebec City have been blessed with piles of snow for the holidays."

    I couldn't help but think that some countries might not want snow. Is this possible? I don't know. Alas, my city may also be deprived of snow :(

    When I was in grade school, about 9 years ago, we had lots of snow in the winter! Well, ok, not lots compared to even 5 years before that... but we still had snow. What do the children do now???

    We played in the snow, made awesome forts, snowmen (dasterly punks would sometimes go and destroy those afore mentioned snowmen and buildings... so people would roam the field at lunch and recess to protect the younger kids work - junior mounties! ahh, Fraser). This was all winter long! Not just for 2 or 3 months, with spotty periods because the rain melts it all.

    We would have Winter Games! Joyeux Noël, Bonhomme Carnaval (Quebec winter carnaval) and all that. The older kids helping and organising it for the younger kids. Freezing cold out, lots of fun and SNOWY activitys. And then hot chocolate to warm us up afterwards. Ahhh... it was so good and hot because it was so so cold out!

    I know, some cold and snow will come after winter - perhaps January or February, and last through March... but no white Christmas??? That's like Canada without hockey :(

    Anyway, funny # 2: WatchingTV? Watch your back
    WatchingTV? Watch your - entertainment - Watching TV? Watch your back

    Increasingly, danger lurks in the comfort of our living rooms (except in Canada)
    December 03, 2007
    Vinay Menon
    There were always many good reasons to watch television alone. Now there's a great one: you won't get stabbed.
    On Thursday, a 66-year-old Seattle woman was knifed in the abdomen as she watched TV with a neighbour. According to a story in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, the two "started arguing after the victim changed the channel to a religious program."

    Weird. Weirder still: the dispute happened around 8:15 a.m., a time when television is overrun with cartoons, infomercials and staid morning shows. Who knew TV could trigger such antisocial aggression in the non-prime-time hours?

    Maybe programs such as The Early Show should start running disclaimers: "Warning. Some viewers may find the following so spellbinding that changing the channel could result in a murderous fury."
    As Seattle police spokesperson Renee Witt told the paper: "I don't know what they were originally watching. But it must have been something really good."

    The attack occurred three days after an eerily similar incident in Phoenix, Ariz. Last Monday, a 13-year-old boy was seriously injured when he was stabbed (also in the abdomen) in a dispute (also over what to watch on television).

    The attacker? His 12-year-old brother.

    In September, meanwhile, The Times of India published a story about the stabbing death of a 24-year-old man in New Delhi. The victim was killed because the accused wanted to watch television at a party instead of listen to impromptu guitar playing.

    "Now I am regretting the heinous crime I committed over a petty issue like watching TV," the accused told the paper.

    Then there was last year's bizarre case in which a woman in Fremont, Ohio, fatally stabbed her 69-year-old father. She also attacked two children who, fortunately, managed to escape and call 911.
    The motive? The woman wanted to watch football. But her father and a friend's 8-year-old girl were already watching the movie Seventeen Again.

    I have stumbled upon many other cases of what might be termed "TVrage." From the emergency call Houston police received after a young couple literally came to blows over the remote control, to a Malaysian case in which an elder brother doused a sibling with kerosene and set him ablaze after the two argued about what to watch.

    Across the planet, there have been beatings, stabbings and shootings stemming from TVrage. Except, that is, in Canada*.

    (*Questionable statement based on limited research conducted yesterday morning after a long night of unrelated research into the effects of vodka.)

    Why don't Canadians inflict physical harm on one another over a petty issue like watching TV? Do we have more perspective? Are we simply a kinder, gentler nation? Or could this national shortage of TVrage somehow be related to Canadian TV itself?

    Think about it. Corner Gas (CTV, 8:30 tonight) has a loyal following. But even the most devoted Dog River groupie would not resort to homicide if he or she was suddenly deprived of Brent Butt.

    Dragons' Den (CBC, 8 tonight) is airing its season finale. It's a great show, no question. But you know what? No Canadian would brandish an assault weapon if a friend or family member casually changed the channel to, say, Chuck (NBC, Citytv, 8 tonight).

    As I sit here with throbbing temples – damn you, Grey Goose! – I'm starting to really appreciate Canadian television. I mean, just knowing that I can walk into any bar in this city to watch The National with Peter Mansbridge and leave without bleeding to death is profoundly comforting.

    The industry should really use this in its marketing campaigns: "Watch Canadian TV and nobody gets hurt."

    TV Rage! ok, now i've heard everything... Oh Canada, lack of your tv programs do not incite murderous rampages. Good for you!

    The one thing that didn't compute for me, was that we watch A LOT of U.S. programs... Most of the channels I get are American... sooooooo... what does it mean that Canadians and Americans are watching the same stuff, but Canadians are NOT killing each other over it??

    Interesting. And that's it for today!

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  • 12/16/07--18:13: Article 2
  • Blizzard-y out!  Yay!  Maybe snow day tomorrow!

    Neighbour is a bastard - he always blows snow or rakes leaves onto our driveway.   Grr!

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  • 02/07/08--18:18: wth?
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  • 01/28/09--20:26: Merlin!
  • New fandom - Merlin with Merlin/Arthur as OTP!

    They're like Clark and Lex in the early days :)  All friends and smiles and happiness...  ahhh nostalgia..

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